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Elvis Impersonator - Jeff Gordon

Elvis Impersonator, Jeff Gordon, has been performing and entertaining crowds as Elvis for more than 20 years.  Your guests will sing along with every song since Elvis has always been a favorite with audiences.  They will have a hard time telling the difference between Jeff's voice and Elvis's voice!

Jeff's experience as a professional entertainer means that he knows how to charm your audience whether it is a theater group, the Red Hat ladies, RV rallies or other venues.  He knows you have high expectations and he will exceed them!  And no matter where you are located, call Jeff about your venue since he performs all over the United States. 

Are you looking for a full band behind Jeff for a large venue, or do you have a smaller venue and want Jeff to sing with background tracks?  Either way will be a marvelous show that will be enjoyed by all. And you won't have any extra expenses since he comes totally equipped with sound system, lights and everything else required for a great show.

If you would like an additional impersonator for your Elvis Impersonator show, Jeff also does a Tom Jones Impersonator Show (  You will receive two fantastic shows, hear two amazing voices, performed by just one man.  Your guests will remember this show for a long time.

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